Sunday, November 25, 2012

Show Support

Hi Everyone!

I know that this blog haven't been updated but I know there are still few of you that will pass by this blog and see if anything is up. Now when we are in the end of 2012 different awards presentation will come along as well. This year Charmaine get nominated for her role Hazel in When Heaven Burns. As TVB have promised that the audience have a influence and can somewhat change the result as who to get the Best Actress Award we CharRay fans actually can make CharRay go up to the stage and grab the awards.
It would be the best gift for us CharRay fans to see CharRay on the cover of TVB Magazine right?
The voting haven't started yet but there are some polls up on different sites, one of them is Oriental Sunday public poll on who is your TV Queen. Let's put pressure on TVB. Vote the first name: 《天與地》佘詩曼, enter the code at the bottom and press the confirm button!!!

Make your vote and cross our fingers for the best ;)

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