Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Contribute with a vote

Hi all!

It was quite awhile ago I made an update on this blog. But now I'm back.

It's really easy to show support. Just press on the link below and make your vote. You just need to press on the buttom just under the picture of Charmaine and Raymond and you are done.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Something for us to cheer up and look forward too

Hi all CharRay fans out there, I don't know how many are still coming to this blog. I myself haven't been here for a long time and seems my other partners have also gone missing. Anyway I think most of you have already heard that there might be a CharRay production/ collaboration next year in TVB called  The Apostel, Charm have confirmed she will take part in this drama now we all are waiting for Ray's answer. But I think the chance for him to take part its kind of high. When he had to film for the sales presentation he said he was disapointed not seing Charm. So fans stay tuned and wait for good news ^^ 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Worth watching part IV

Hi all!

I haven't saved all the links to great Mv's that I have seen so it will take time for me to find those Mv's that are really good. As you all should know I doesn't have that time to search around for good Mv's so this will probably be the last part of good Mv's but I will be bosting up charray sceens from both LWOLAP and TDOL later on so you all can enjoy that instead.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Old stuff

Hi all!

I know that this page haven't been updated for ahwile now. There isn't much about CharRay these days since Charm have had vacation for a longer time and Ray is busy with other stuff not related to filming. Anyway I think most of you have already seens and read the news/fact that Ray have found a girlfriend  and everything seems to look good for that couple.

We CharRay fans doesn't need to be sad abou that, we can still hope there will be some charray collaboration in the near future to cheer us up. Anyhow in beginning of this year there was actually rumours between this sweet on-screen couple, but I never posted it up since it was not something special about it but I though it would be a good thing to share the interview where Ray clearifies it.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Hello guys,

First of all, I want to wish everyone here a happy new year, I know it's abit late but still it's the first post on this blog when entering 2013.
I know there haven't been much news of CharRay apart from som rubbish publish by some magazines in HK. So I come across a great MV don't know if you guys have seen it before or not but thought of sharing it with you all ^^


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Show Support

Hi Everyone!

I know that this blog haven't been updated but I know there are still few of you that will pass by this blog and see if anything is up. Now when we are in the end of 2012 different awards presentation will come along as well. This year Charmaine get nominated for her role Hazel in When Heaven Burns. As TVB have promised that the audience have a influence and can somewhat change the result as who to get the Best Actress Award we CharRay fans actually can make CharRay go up to the stage and grab the awards.
It would be the best gift for us CharRay fans to see CharRay on the cover of TVB Magazine right?
The voting haven't started yet but there are some polls up on different sites, one of them is Oriental Sunday public poll on who is your TV Queen. Let's put pressure on TVB. Vote the first name: 《天與地》佘詩曼, enter the code at the bottom and press the confirm button!!!

Make your vote and cross our fingers for the best ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hi all

I know this blog haven't been updated for ages, but there isn't much to update about charray since they are working with different dramas.
Charm will be back to TVB next year and film a drama but don't know what kind of drama and who she will be co-working with. I really hope it will be something with CharRay since it was quite a time we saw them together

Anyway here is a MV that I found on Tudou. which I haven't seen before, I think it's quite  good so thought of share it with you all!

Keep the CharRay spirit up!