Friday, October 18, 2013

Something for us to cheer up and look forward too

Hi all CharRay fans out there, I don't know how many are still coming to this blog. I myself haven't been here for a long time and seems my other partners have also gone missing. Anyway I think most of you have already heard that there might be a CharRay production/ collaboration next year in TVB called  The Apostel, Charm have confirmed she will take part in this drama now we all are waiting for Ray's answer. But I think the chance for him to take part its kind of high. When he had to film for the sales presentation he said he was disapointed not seing Charm. So fans stay tuned and wait for good news ^^ 

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ShuSheep said...

The drama is getting so much attention now! I was hoping this site would be thriving with comments & posts! Where IS everyone?! :'(